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Be prepared, Planning planning planning. We cannot stress this enough, plan well in advance if you are able to. Think of what it is you need to dispose of. Large items take up a lot of space and small items lay closer and make a heavier load. Where are you going to want the dumpster? Are there any overhead wires or low branches? Do you have the room for the dumpster? Do you need to place the dumpster to where the back door will open? Make sure you have a flat and solid surface to place the dumpster. Make sure your payment arrangements have been made. Make sure you have plenty of help to load the dumpster.


Don’t ever overload your dumpster. Loading must be level with the sides of the dumpster. Don’t place any hazardous materials of any kind in the dumpster. Check our (Not Accepted) category for a list. Don’t attempt to have our trucks drive across your lawn, our trucks are very heavy and can destroy you lawn. However our dumpsters can be set on your lawn, but will probably damage it. We are not responsible for damage to your property.

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